Thursday, August 21, 2008


Cellophane aeroplane -
Fragile free spirit of stained glass rhapsody
Tiny transient translucent tickling technicolor tapestry
Delightfully delirious demurely mysterious; wind dancing whimsical daydream
Carnival colored harmoniously hovering cathedral crepe paper crystalline
Panoramic prim princess of luster and luminance pirouetting passionately petite
Tumbling thumbelina bedazzling ballerina quaint is her quadraphenia suite
Sensuously simplistic soul solstice submissive that soft is her touch surrealistic
Affectionately amorous grandiosely glamorous her heart of hope altruistic
Do you tickle to tease me touch me to please me lay fair fancy upon our hearts
Summers end is too near what I do fear is the fall that autumn imparts
For some sunny day you will fly far far away, that all I ever knew
Was an elusive kiss left lingering on lips is all I have
- To remember you

© Charles Coakley Simpson 2005

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