Monday, August 25, 2008


Lil’ hotcake heartbreak
Frilly va-nily lily of white fudge cake
Puddin’ pleasin’ taste bud teasin’ peripheral perfect pound cake

Cupcake ala cheesecake
Caress-able cushy of tapioca tushy kissable cuddle-able lick-able lovable
Ass-cessible appetizingly exquisi-mo analy amicable clambake

Le hor'dourves derrière
Delectably delicious clam dip nutritious ass-candy of curvaceous casserole
Sphincteral spam of spread-able ham
Tongue twister thread-able elist of edible bubble-icious butt-on of hole

Whiplash via moustache
Lapping lamb chop lollipop legs luscious of lollapalooza
Booty-ful bobbler gam gobbler cobbler bouncing bam of cunniligual-cooza

Marinade my face with all your grace lil’ hoochie coochie moon
Bibblety bobblety bubblety wobblety willble-woo
If you will excuse me now for my voracious vow but I need to lick

- The spoon

© Charles Coakley Simpson 2006

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