Tuesday, October 14, 2008


O’ honey bee -
Can’t you see; what it is you do to me?
O’ how your kisses sting that they make me sing
‘Neath the shade of your honey tree.

Tell me hon’ why so glum
you have so much buzz in your bumble’s bum.
Bee n’ the busy bee you are, you never stop to smell the flora
Of all the honey that you hum.

Take a bee break for heavens sake
bumble down bee side me dear, your honey comb can wait.
Bee wax my ear of your bee charms my dear
n’ the bee kisses you pollinate.

Would you contrive to indubitably deprive
mine infatuations of pollinations to keep this bee love alive,
or ‘tis my time I waste when all I want is a taste
of the honey that resides in your hive.

Alas bee lowed will you not bee trothed
wedding dresses are such messes covered in a honey’s love.
Might still you deny me as your attentions bee lie me
you will always bee my

- Beloved

© Charles Coakley Simpson 2005

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