Wednesday, November 12, 2008


As we are one –
Ethereally encompassed
within the impassioned essence of
sensual singularity and
- Soul

© Charles Coakley Simpson 2008


Lady of Letters said...

Hi CharlzC,

Thank you for your recent comment on my blog. I appreciate it. I'm happy to know that you are enjoying the blog :)

I like your blog as well! I will be 'following' it from now on.

I was wondering, the painting that you included in this post for ...who is it by?

Charlz C said...

Its actually a b&w photo I lifted from someone's Myspace page.

Although I forget exactly what keyword I used searching Google images, but I was looking for a couple paired in "Afterglow" that I already had the lines.

I like to "Google" my thoughts and inspirations just as I found your blog.

Still I am not prone to using photographs that I prefer paintings or pencils, but I will use photo manipulations if they have the "essence" of a painting.

Black & whites are hard to manipulate into paintings so I had to make it more a charcoal/dark penciled sketch.

I have four graphics programs I use, and even though I'm "blind" I'm very adept at them.

My poem Ophelia, if you Google the image and find the lengthwise view you will see the watermark I removed and blended.

I think my version is actually better than the original.

When I showed the instructor of web design class the before and after images all he could say was "wow" and asked me why I was even taking the class. :)

Well I need to be "certified" I told him. :)

I like it here at blogger because they aren't fascists the administration is at Myspace or most poetry posts and certainly Photobucket that I have to employ 6 image posts to keep my profile up there.

But if you saw my Myspace page it would take your breath away, its everything I have here except on one endless webpage.

Thank you very much for replying, you are sweet to be so kind.