Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Piccola ala

Weep not my little wing -
That your feathers are torn and tattered.
Heart of broken as dreams have all of shattered.
Come home to where your heart can sing
for you were all that ever

Bring me your velvet heart
that I may make you brand new feathers,
as you sleep safe tonight out of stormy weathers.
Tending to your tears and fears of dark
as I relieve your relentless

Will come a day colors fade
that my wings are now lead and leather.
Still in your heart I hope you know there was never
a home in my heart or in my wings shade
as nobody could love you

Thus I fly the skies no more
that my days have become too far and few,
yet I lie ‘neath the sky watching you soar as I flew
hopeful you know the reasons what for
that my only heart was
- You

© Charles Coakley Simpson 2008

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