Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Prudence misbehaves

Saddle up my face -
Mount my mouth malicious as you grind yourself gratuitously into ny teeth
pasting my face pungent with the muskiness of your pussy perfume
Labia licking slit slickening clit thickening
as I corkscrewed my tongue up your lathering love bum
boring you out to the cylinderal circumference
- Of a ’57 Chevy.

Fuck me like a beast -
Rip my hair and raze my back as you suck my flesh from your fingertips
Wrap your steaming cunt around the girth of my cock like a glove
Pulsating, penetrating, uterus undulating
jerking me off judiciously with your pink velvet viciously
biting sharply into my shoulders as I
- Split you like a log

Bind me with legs lithe -
Strapping stems that strangle my hips bucking and gyrating into my groin
Inhaling my cock deep into the lungs of your succulent fuck hole
Grasping gripping slobbering and slithering
impounding my mad monkey into the depths of your honey
until your adorable little abdomen
- Bursts a kidney.

Initiate anal destruction -
Commencing mud pie compaction by sphincter expansion that I
concussively compress your cooperative colon by kicking down its backdoor
Anally traumatized your sinkhole is sodomized
Did I not spit in your ass that you grind, grovel and gasp
Relax in my nut mustard enema
- And shit yourself.

Cranial copulation -
Feel the weight of my brass bouncing off your chinny chin chin
sucking the corn off my cob as I extend the depths of your throats epectations
Skull fucking fantasia esophagus euthanasia
That by eating my bone raw you have sucked its marrow dry
may that I flagellate your face until
- It pops like a zit.

So is the afterglow –
That Prudence was precious a porcelain princess of virtue voluptuously veiled
who harbored a desire to set men afire sending them straight to hell
Insatiably sensuous a siren pretentious
Always getting what she wanted still her heart haunted
until came a time when she got what
- Prevailed.

© Charles Coakley Simpson 2006

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