Friday, December 12, 2008


Ubbles of bubbles to soothe your trubbles
bibbling bobbling bouncing bubbles.
Bubbles flip are bubbles that flop
bubbles that go bibble and bobble and pop.

Bouncing bubbles that dance on the wind
tiny balloons of rainbows and whim.
Weebles of wobbles flying all about
the children all squeal chasing them about.

Raindrops of puddles make musical bubbles
pllinking plunking pianos of mudholes.
Between your toes all kinds of squishes
bubbling splishy splashy melodies of wishes.

Bubbles giggling in the fish bowl wiggling
goldfish blow bubbles squiggling.
Silly soap swims flipping of floats
spinning on water like little bubble boats

Bubbling gum bubbles are all kinds of that
pop in your face making a big splat.
Sugar sticky of icky as gummy of goo
bubble yum bubblicious double bubble glue

Bubble bath bubbles are foamy and fluffy
rolling in clouds of poofy and puffy.
Lulling you with bubbles of streams
in a bibbling bobbling bubbling of dreams.

Ubbles of bubbles to soothe you of trubbles
bobbles of bouncing bibblebubbles.
Bubbles for me and bubbles for you
that you’ll never ever have to be un-bubbly

- Bloo.

© Charles Coakley Simpson 2003

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