Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Bashful blossom of gentle heart –
bid not my attentions adieu.
Your flower has captured my heart
thus my intentions be true.

Silken beauty budding soft of solace
does your rose blush of red.
Wanting for dawn’s quenching dew
to sate your weddings bed.

Might a hummingbird court your kiss
seducing your sensuality sweet.
Your petals are plush of passion pink
attract my own summer’s heat.

Stolen kisses bestow borrowed hearts
with lustful longings of lament.
Thus my whispers of perennial promise
are beget by passionate scent.

Captured by the hyacinth of your hip
make me a pillow of your thigh.
Where I would lay in waiingt enrapt
by the wisteria with in your eye.

Then like ivy ascend intimacies trestle
entangled in marigold’s tresses.
May your lips petals purse to my fancy
and cover me in butterfly kisses.

Brushing softly ‘gainst your necks stem
shoulders lily wantonly of white.
As such is your honey sensually suckled
‘neath a moonflower’s ivory light.

Inciting visions violet of lavender lust
buds blossom in purling blooms.
Daffodils of desire run delicately deep
orchid’s scent heartily swoons.

Yet innocence lost is not but plucked
by pistol poignant penetration.
Was not her stem and stamen stalked
save by the botany of blameless

- Pollination

© Charles Coakley Simpson 2005

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