Thursday, February 19, 2009


Oft I reminisce ‘bout my very first kiss
that it beleaguers me to this day
Whatta beaut she was of a tale tall some saids
‘cause she were the one that got
- Away

On a summer day might been it of May
I was but a tad of tan with pole.
That school I ditched or chores were I skipped
barefoot down to the ol’ fishin’
- Hole

It weren’t bout no catch nor the caught
jess simply the solitude of wait.
Yet as I lay on the bank my tadpole heart sank
sufferin’ sassafras I had forgot
- Bait.

Not a worm dug or grasshopper or grub
nor a crumb nor gum nor cake.
Thinking it was fine to put my heart on the line
that I cast my one wish into the
- Lake.

Then laid in the grass dreaming of bass
catfish and dogfish and perch.
My dreaming awakened as the bait is takened
pole leaping from hands with a
- Jerk.

Prospects brighter as to land this fighter
be I a hero but to my surprise.
The line goes slack and as I fall flat on my back
jumps up a mermaid of emerald
- Eyes

Of one never have I seen of eyes so green
a beauty of red hair to her hips
Was I so endeared as she grabbed me by the ears
and kissed me square on the
- Lips.

With a wink jumped back into the drink
disappearing beneath her wake
as I was left holding my pole by the fishin’ hole
heartbroken she’d stolen my
- Bait.

© Charles Coakley Simpson 2009

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