Sunday, March 29, 2009


Veins black and bruised –
She tightens the noose around her bicep.
Skin like paper her heart pounds with anticipation
and yet she flinches like a virgin at the needles initial penetration
watching the syringe intimately milk blood into its vacuum.
Clouds of crimson carousel and swirl within its sterile environment
as her eyes flutter with the recklessness of abandon.
Lips quiver in seconds thought yet she is
- Flushed with the passion.

She smiles in sensuality –
As if a lover were caressing her flesh.
She shivers discreetly beneath his numbing touch
and gives herself completely to the seductive sensation of her soul.
She imagines his eyes dark, his hair brushing her face.
His kisses are long, deep and tender, cradling her deep in his arms.
Hold me she speaks to the encroaching darkness
Kiss me now as if it were the last time.
- And mortality trembles.

Yielding to sweet malice -
Muscles relax under the venomous spell
as warm release courses fervently through her veins.
She feels the toxic fingers course compassionately through her hair.
Her throat gripped by the remorseless of her asphyxiation
and life silently passes before her eyes as their light begins to fade.
Yet it is not that she cheated her essence with regret.
Her suffering ended with the knowing
- That she cheated death.

© Charles Coakley Simpson 2005

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