Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Paradise lost

Heaven -
Is a long summer’s night,
the air sweet with the greening of grass
and the sky is clear, dark and deep with wavering stars.
The barn owl calls out to his distant lover
as I wait for the echo of her
- Reply.

© Charles Coakley Simpson 2009

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suryagni said...

now the answer to your comment:-

Charlz C said...
"What we believe is beautiful we will not destroy" a very poignant statement. Life is explicit my dear, I'm legally blind although I have "vision" thus I appreciate all art forms and respect all opinions. To venture through life without an open mind would only be to miss the beauty that may be found even hiding in the darkness. I quote “Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.” - Carl Gustav Jung

Thank you for reading.


Si senor,
I got your points, you are more matured than me. :) but i am too old fashioned to go through such shocks.
I absolutely understand your point of view, and agree that you are right but i dont have that much confidence on myself that i can venture to the dark side. i would rather keep myself to the light. :)
i will keep on checking your accounts.
wish you the very best.