Sunday, May 3, 2009


Single solitary angel of wing
sifting softly slowly sadly thou bring
Mine heart tumbling trembling tragically down
As thou makes thy journey
To the ground

Fleeting frozen feather of white
Doest thine heart shine in the sun with all his light
That a cloud of high did set thee free
Hast thou fallen from the sky into the heart
Of me

Wisps of whimsical wintry wind
Thou ridest ‘round mine head for thou doest spin
Powdery kisses perfectly placed
As thy lace is lilting ‘pon
My face

Touch tease tickle my nose
Lay soft ‘pon my tongue bittersweet ambrosia
Alas will my endearments warm I fear
Are to leave me to be holding what ‘tis only thy
- Tear

© Charles Coakley Simpson 2005

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Lo said...

This made me smile...delightful!