Monday, February 21, 2011

Beyond the Sea

Does my comfort lie further than where the waters touch the sky
that my hope has been hindered by the reach of my eye
Are these waves upon the shore merely memories that I caress
rolling back into the sea as they are lost with its egress
The clouds along the horizon are they the dreams we once shared
or the wisps of wanderlust as they disappear into the air
And tell me what then could be this wind which combs my hair
like your fingers once did when I was holding you near
Then so I am thus moved by the recollections they would impart
that even the sun does sink with the weight of my heart
And yet as I sit within my solitude, it is surpassed by my envy
to I know he is with you, in those lands beyond
The sea

© Charles Coakley Simpson 2011


Neva Flores said...

Absolutely beautiful!

lil said...

That's an awesome picture.